How to Get the Most Out of Your Time at Lanes at Membertou

Lanes at Membertou is Cape Breton Island's newest entertainment centre. Featuring 16 lanes of candlepin bowling, a bar + restaurant and sport simulators, there is something for everyone!

Booking Ahead

Lanes at Membertou is a happenin' spot. As a result, it is very busy, and you might run into wait times. To avoid the lanes being booked when you arrive, book ahead of time.

See booking instructions below:

Step 1: Visit Lanes at Membertou, located at 185 Towerview Place (see map)
Step 2: Stop at our front desk (Guest Services) and let our attendant assist you with selecting your date and time. You are able to book up to two lanes for two hours, per booking.
Step 3: Pay for your lane booking, and receive your confirmation and receipt.
Step 4: Show up at least 15 minutes early on your scheduled day and time, so our team has time to get your shoes and lane ready.
Step 5: Have fun!
Be sure to keep your receipt and confirmation in a safe place, as you must present it at the desk when you arrive.


If you haven't booked a lane ahead of time, and all of the lanes are taken, don't fret. We recommend putting your name on a waiting list for the next available lane, and then site and relax at the Eleventh Frame. It's a great chance to grab a drink and a bite, if the mood STRIKES you. The wait staff will come and alert you when your lane is free. When that time comes don't worry if you haven't finished your food and drinks, you can take them with you to the lane!

The Eleventh Frame is a full-services bar and restaurant that offers delicious pub style dishes, paired with signature drinks. Enjoy your food and drinks at their tables OR have their staff serve you lane side. There is even a button you can press at your lane to get a server to come directly to your lane. You don't need to be a Kardashian to feel like you are receiving VIP treatment at Lanes.

Some of our personal favourite bites are the nachos, club sandwiches, mozza sticks and deep fried mars bars. Mmm... comfort food. The appetizers, such as the deep fried mac and cheese, certainly melt in your mouth. Treat yourself- you will be burning some of it off on the lanes as you, hopefully, crank out some spares.

Getting Here

The first step to enjoying your time at Lanes, is getting here. This handy map shows you exactly how to find us, no matter which direction you're coming from. Take a look below.

Your guide to getting here!

Now that you've arrived, enter through the shiny new front doors. The first thing you're going to want to do is sign up for a lane, if you haven't already, and get your bowling shoes. The Guest Services team is happy to serve you at the customer service desk on your left. You're also welcome to hang your coat on the rack behind you if you don't want to take it with you to your lane. Once your booking is complete, the staff will point you in the direction of your lane and hand you your shoes. Then you're off!

We should mention that many times we've seen these "bowling shoes" become "dancing shoes" as people celebrate their spares and wins. Regardless of the activity, these shoes are disinfected after every use so you need not worry :)

Using Your Lane

At this point you've either gone directly to your lane, or you've gotten a pre-bowling snack while you waited. Either way, you've arrived. Each lane is numbered, once you arrive at your assigned lane, you'll see that there is a tablet on the table in front of your couch. This is your player tablet, which will give you step-by-step instructions on how to set up your game and will prompt you to submit your player names. Are you Steve and Thomas or Elvis and Scooby Doo? Just remember to keep it rated PG! Lanes at Membertou is, after all, a family establishment.


As you enter your name you can also select whether the player requires automatic gutter bumpers to pop-up when it is their turn. These bumpers are handy little mechanisms that block the gutters to make it easier to keep the ball on the lane. They are typically used for small children but adults who are also seeking assistance can use them as well. The gutter bumpers at Lanes go up and down automatically once they are assigned to a player.

Score Keeping

Once you've set up your game, the computer will keep score for you (cool! right?) Those that dread mental math, rejoice. The player tablet connects to the scoreboard above your lanes. It will even tell you when it is your turn to bowl. The computer will highlight your name, or nickname (we're talking to you, "Bugs Bunny") until it is the next players turn. On this same screen you can order service from the Eleventh Frame.

Dragon Assists

Another way to help the young bowlers enjoy the game of bowling is to use the dragon assists, which help to guide the ball down the lane. They are located along the far walls and are available for anyone to try. Simply ask your lane attendant for details when you arrive!

Adult Assists

There are also adult assists available, for anyone who may need a little help bowling. Please check out how easy they are to use, in the video below.

Sport Simulators

If you don't want the night to end when you've finished bowling, why not take a crack at the sport simulators? Simply head over to the desk and sign up for the hour. There are tables and stools set up at the simulators so you are able to continue to enjoy food and beverages from Eleventh Frame as you play.

With three multi-sport simulators, you can try your hand at a variety of sports and activities such as golf, football, soccer and hunting, along with numerous children's games. The simulators are a great way to practise your sport, get some exercise or just let loose with some of your pals.

For all of the thrill seeks out there, we recommend "zombie dodgeball" to get your blood pumping.

Do you golf? The golf simulators have been popular during the off season of players that want to practise their swings. Did you know that the General Manager of Lanes, Joanne, is a golf pro? If you happen to see her, be sure to ask her for a tip!

Price: $35 per hour

There you have it. That concludes our list of tips and tricks for making the most out of your time with us at Lanes. Gather your family, friends, or colleagues and join us at Cape Breton's newest entertainment hub, located at 185 Towerview Place, in Membertou. You'll be glad that you did!

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