The 3 Course Traditional Mi'kmaq Inspired Meal

The 3 Course Traditional Mi’kmaq Inspired Meal is a popular menu item at Kiju’s Restaurant, and it is no surprise why. This traditional meal consisting of cheese dip, bread, maple salmon and a foraged berry dessert, was crafted by the talented culinary team at Kiju’s, located here in Membertou.

This three course meal was created as a special Mi’kmaq dish to represent our community’s culture and provide guests with an experience to remember. This special item is unique to Kiju’s and combines cultural and traditional components with modern day techniques.


First Course - Four Cent Bread Skillet

The first course delights you with the combination of a warm and creamy spinach artichoke cream cheese dip with a traditional quick bread, also called luskinikn, that has been made by the Mi’kmaq people for thousands of years. The recipe for the bread is a special one, because it was influenced by the recipes of 8 different community members.



Second Course - Cedar Planked Salmon

After you’ve enjoyed the skillet, you are now set to take on the next course, which is maple sweet grass lacquered Atlantic salmon with a raspberry spring onion salad and wild rice popcorn.

What makes this dish “Mi’kmaq” inspired?
Salmon, or “plamu” in our Mi’kmaq language, is a very important cultural and traditional resource for our people. In the past, the Mi'kmaq were nomadic and would travel to where the food was, depending on the different seasons. At certain times of the year they would fish for salmon by netting or spearing. Although our harvesting practises have changed, salmon remains an important part of our culture.



Third Course - Foraged Fruit and Berry Salad 

The third and final course is the Foraged Fruit and Berry Salad. Berries were historically an important staple of the Mi’kmaq diet and a source of energy. During the summer months people would forage for berries, roots and edible plants that were available for eating. Baskets, created with strips of black ash, were commonly used as a tool to collect the berries. As your final course, you will be served a tasty mixture of seasonal fruits and berries, topped with local organic honey, and wild mint.


Try the 3 Course Traditional Mi’kmaq Inspired Meal Today

The staff at Kiju’s are proud and passionate about the three course meal, and cannot wait to share it with you. Did you know that you can enjoy the three courses together, or purchase one of the dishes individually? Although, we recommend trying the full three course meal!

Kiju's now also offers a Mi'kmaq Menu, which features the 3 Course Meal, Barbecued Duck, Three Sisters Salad, and a Trio of Sliders. Click here to check out this menu! 

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